Renting your property?

If you want to rent out your villa or apartment to a high quality tenant, domoXim will provide you with a fitting candidate!

As a family business, we are locally anchored, but through our extensive international network, we also reach expatriates who come to live in Belgium.

We collaborate with various Relocation companies (e.g. Alt Air Global), NATO delegations, the European Commission, Embassies and international companies (e.g. IMEC, Telenet,...). A large part of our portfolio around Brussels, Mechelen and Leuven is rented out to these international tenants or expats.

For you as the owner, it is undoubtedly also important that your future tenant pays the rent and maintains your property properly. At domoXim, we therefore screen all candidates and consult with you to make the best choice. Our many years of experience will help you to make this decision. We then draw up a comprehensive legal lease contract and will register it for you.

We recommend that you always draw up a property survey. So please ask our advice.

Would you like to limit the follow-up of your rental property and enjoy your profits to the full? Then we advise you to ask for a customised proposal for our private management service.



  • More potential tenants through our extensive network

  • Multilingual publicity of your property

  • Thorough selection and screening of future tenants

  • Negotiation with the candidates

  • Free Tips & Tricks for faster rentals

  • Professional guidance by accredited real estate agents

  • Drafting & registration of the rental agreement

  • Full rental file (deposit, fire insurance, ...)

  • No rental = no costs

  • We are a family business with a smile for every customer

  • We make time for your home

With our advice and advice, based on years of experience, you will be able to rent out faster and at the right price.


  • You pay a fee of 1 month's rent + 21% VAT when your property is rented.

  • No rental? No costs

  • Minimum commission for the full package when rental contract is signed is 500 euros + 21%VAT.